For a variety of reasons (basic human decency obviously not among them), product placement is unusual in animated films. Among other things, it takes so long to make most animation that a company's advertising goals or products could change completely between the film's inception and its release. In addition, since animation is often used to make films set in fantastic worlds, product placement tends to be pretty damn hard - I mean, what are you going to advertise in, say, Shrek? Or The Incredibles? Thankfully for all of us, the answer so far has been "not a damn thing."

Curious George, however, is changing things. Yes, it's a sweet, innocent movie, aimed solidly at the preschool set. But five-year-olds have parents, dammit, and they're trapped, looking at the screen for 90 minutes - why not throw some Dole logos up there, for their viewing pleasure? Or, say, an animated Volkswagen Touareg? Maybe a US Postal Service bag or two? Yep, they're all there. Oh, and if you happen to buy a Dole banana any time soon, it's likely the thing will feature one of a million stickers telling you to see the movie. Seriously. I think the world is coming to an end.
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