Based on some of the comments about The Rock's remake of Every Which Way But Loose, not everyone can tell the difference between Mr. Rock and one Vin Diesel. Unfortunately, the movies the two have on the way are going to do nothing to clear up the problem: both men will soon be playing football players who are persuaded by women of various ages to leave their partying ways behind.

The Rock's NFL flick is Daddy's Little Girl, in which he plays a quarterback enjoying his fame with what is euphemistically called a "bachelor lifestyle." Then, a little lady comes into his life, and everything changes: his character finds out that he has a seven-year-old daughter. Because there wouldn't be a movie if he blew her off and went back to the groupies and beer, the girl ends up coming back into his life, and reform is inevitable. Diesel's football player, on the other hand, is brought to the straight and narrow by a slightly (one hopes, anyway) older woman. In NY Giant, he plays a " player who has to deal with an uptight female etiquette tutor or risk losing his lucrative endorsement deal." Gee, do you think their relationship moves beyond the professional?

Heaven help the already-confused if these movies are simultaneously released - maybe we can get The Rock to grow a full head of hair, or something.
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