When Steven Soderbergh released Bubble simultaneously (more or less) in theaters, on TV, and on DVD, I opted to rent the DVD. This was due more to laziness than anything, but it did give me a chance to listen to the audio commentary where Soderbergh and fellow director Mark Romanek discuss the philosphy behind the movie, which was shot using non-professional actors who ad-libbed much of their dialogue. Soderbergh also used only available light for scenes and worked without monitors. I immediately grew affectionate toward the movie itself, the concept behind it, and the way it was released. I would go on, but Karina pretty much echoed my sentiments with her review.

Josh Oakhurst has transcribed much of the commentary on his blog, and you can read it here. It's not as funny as Soderbergh's commentary for Schizopolis where he interviews himself and insists the last half of the movie is an homage to the inside of his mouth, but for a movie as unique as Bubble it's nice to get some real insight into the mind behind it all.

[via HD for Indies]

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