For some reason, Universal has been working on I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, a movie about firemen who pretend to be gay in order to win domestic partnership benefits, for years and years and years. (Actually, many states offer domestic partner benefits for heterosexual couples, too, but I guess that's less funny.) The movie's been through an almost endless parade of writers (Jon Favreau among them) and stars (Will Smith, Nicolas Cage, James Gandolfini, Vince Vaughn, and Wilson #2), but has never gotten out of the blocks. Now, however, the studio has found its dream team, and the movie is a go: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Sandler and Kevin James will play the happy "couple."

The Sandler-James edition of the script has been written by, of all people, the Sideways team of Jim Taylor and Alexander Payne, and currently slated to direct is David Dobkin of Wedding Crashers fame, all of which sounds pretty promising. Though there are a lot of people in that Nearly Starred list that I'd rather see in this movie than the two currently on board, it's hard to deny that the behind-the-scenes team that's in line for this installment is the best group so far. Of course, whether the movie will actually happen this time is something else entirely.
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