Found this quote from Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, Lindsay Lohan's publicist, on Perez Hilton:

"The problem with the celebrity blogs is that the traditional outlets are using them as legitimate sources, even though the people who are writing them could be some kid in Arkansas. I mean who are these bloggers? I've never even known how to get in touch with any of them."

Well, Cinematical isn't really a *celebrity* blog, per se, but on the very, very slim chance that Ms. Sloane-Zelnick or one of her contemporaries has actually *tried* to get in touch with us and failed, I want to take a minute to clear up any confusion:

First, I'm the only child prodigy on this train, and rumors of my infancy have been greatly exaggerated. Second, we would never hire a kid from Arkansas without immediately getting 'em a fake ID and shipping them the hell out of that flyover state. And lastly, if you'd like to get in touch with us about one of our posts, one of your projects, or just about anything, you can use this form or, if you want to personally contact the wunderkind in charge (that's me), my email address is karina AT cinematical DOT com.

And Leslie, if you're reading this: tell Lindsay that I think Ryan Adams is sexy, too, but I'm worried that he might not be the best thing for her career – and I can make a flow chart out of Parker Posey's IMDB profile, if she needs further proof.