So the famous Ambassador Hotel, which has graced the screen in many a flick during the course of its proud and haughty history, has been torn down- but not before it got one last co-starring role. It is nice that the handsome old place will be used once's just a shame that it has to go out on a made-for-TV sequel to one of Uwe Boll's worst films (and that's quite a distinction). House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim (I swear that's the real name of it) will premiere this Saturday, Feb. 11th, on the Sci-Fi channel. The movie culls together the acting talent of two upcoming made-for-tv comic book series Painkiller Jane and Blade, as both Emmanuelle Vaugier and Sticky Fingaz have co-starring roles along with a collection of less notable others (this is also quite a distinction). Oh, and Sid Haig.

That's right, the building where Robert Kennedy was killed gave its final bow as the home to a made-for-tv movie with a terrible pun for a name. On the bright side, at least the sequel to House of the Dead seems fully aware of what it is intended to be, a bad shoot-em-up with big guns and as little acting as possible. The original was kind of painfully fun in that "I can't believe this is so awful" sort of MST3K way, and that seems to be just what the sequel is attempting to recreate. And really, who among us doesn't love a good cheesy zombie flick every now and then?

[via sci-fi wire]

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