Great news for those of us who don't live in New York City, home of Film Forum - or even for those who do live there and are just too lazy or agoraphobic to get out much. Film Forum now has podcasts of their Special Events available online. Film Forum has many cool events for film geeks, and its mere existence has more than once made me reconsider my attachment to my Left Coast lifestyle. But now? I don't have to choose! I can live in Seattle, but when I get the urge to feel like NYC film-geek girl, I can slip into my requisite black cinemaphile attire and noise reduction headphones, close my eyes, and it's just like being there.

Recent Special Events at Film Forum have included a Q&A with Our Brand is Crisis filmmaker Rachel Boynton, Q&As with Dr. Alexis Burger and three participants from the film Desert Wind, and Who Gets to Call it Art? - a Q&A with director Peter Rosen and editor Jed Parker. Now if i could only watch the films they show at Film Forum online, I'd be pretty nearly perfectly happy.

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