I'm always amazed where some film gossip comes from. Usually, it's leaked through a studio spy or during an interview, but the following very interesting information comes to us via an autograph signing. While dining near Disneyland, a reader wrote into IESB to tell them about a conversation he had with Michael Keaton when asking for his signature.

Being the nice guy that he is, Keaton (one of my favorite actors, like, ever) answered a few questions about his upcoming projects and also put to rest those menacing Batman rumors. First off, when asked about playing the Joker in the next Batman flick, he says, "It's an interesting idea, but no way. The new Batman films are separated from the old Batman films."

However, he did note that "there's a big chance you'll see me in another Beetlejuice again." Apparently, Tim Burton is working on the script now, and after that it's just a matter of availability. I think it would be appropriate for me to say that this news is pretty freaking sweet! Keaton also mentioned that he'll have a role in Robert Rodriguez's part of Grindhouse which, right now, is being called Project Terror. I think I speak for everyone in front of my computer right now when I say I'll gladly give up Batman for Beetlejuice and Grindhouse. How about you?

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