The London Film Critics' Circle handed out its annual awards last night and, shock of shocks, they gave best picture to Brokeback Mountain, and best director to - guess who - Ang Lee. The award for best screenplay, though, went to Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco for Crash, giving the film yet another boost heading into the Oscar ceremony.

Refreshingly, however, several of the Circle's other awards were given to people who have been largely ignored by American critical organizations. Though no one has yet seen fit to name King Kongbest actor, his costar Naomi Watts took home the best actress award, while the consistently astounding German actor Bruno Ganz was recognized for his performance as Adolf Hitler in Downfall, which was also named best foreign film. Meanwhile, in the Brits Only! acting categories, The Constant Gardener costars Ralph Fiennes and Oscar nominee and Golden Globe-winner Rachel Weisz took home the trophies.