Revolution Studios has been hard at work preparing the cast and screenplay for a remake of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, starring today's Cary Grant, Ice Cube. However, the movie has undergone a rather sudden revision, and is now being retooled and rewritten into a sequel to Cube's 2005 hit, Are We There Yet?. Though the plot of the movie will reportedly still be fairly close to that of Blandings, it's now called Are We Done Yet? (as in with the dream house), and both Cube and Nia Long, his co-star from Are We There Yet?, will reprise their roles from that film. Additionally, the studio is scrambling to sign Aleisha Allen and Philip Bolden, the young actors who played the kids in the first movie. (Since the script is already being rewritten and the studio really, really needs those kids, they're in a position to make completely outrageous demands. I hope they both get butlers.)

Though it's a little unclear why the production on Blandings was originally halted, it's thought that the (deeply disturbing) success of Big Momma's House 2 is what drove Revolution in the remake direction. It's a very scary time, friends, when Martin Lawrence in a fat suit is influencing the thinking of Hollywood studio heads.
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