A bit of interesting news from the world of fantasy literature properties - the rights to characters created by Robert E. Howard, one of the early fathers of the fantasy genre, have been snatched up by Paradox Entertainment. In addition to his most famous character, Conan the Barbarian, Howard's most recognizable characters include the legendary Solomon Kane, the unusual Bran Mak Morn- last king of the Picts, the Atlantean Kull the Conquerer, and the continually popular Red Sonja. Paradox plans on licensing off the properties to other companies interested in using the characters.

Fans have been clamoring for a new Conan flick for ages, but it is apparently still trapped in "development hell," as an IGN article puts it. However, a fancy new Brak Mak Morn picture is in development, and we can of course always hope that new action of the Howard properties may inspire someone to finally get to work on that Solomon Kane flick we've all been wanting to happen. Okay...at least I've been wanting it to happen. I presume that other people out there do as well. Right?

[via IGN]

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