Let the record show that I never in my wildest dreams imagined that headline would roll off my fingertips.

But, yes, dear readers, it looks like a controversy has erupted in the ever-contentious Best Makeup category, with the women respectively responsible for sprinkling glitter on Natalie Portman and Darth-ifying Hayden Christenson fighting for a single slot on the Oscar ballot. Apparently, AMPAS named hairdresser Annette Miles as a nominee, alogside Dave Elsey, on their initial press release last week. But then, after learning that Miles left the set before filming of George Lucas' final spurt of geek porn had finished, AMPAS replaced Miles' name with that of makeup artist Nikki Gooley. An AMPAS spokesman now says that the initial release contained an "administrative error", and that Gooley is "more deserving" of the nomination; an up-in-arms Miles insists that she left the set on "the same day [as] Natalie Portman". The Academy says they're going to give Miles a chance to prove them wrong by "submit[ing] further material". Considering that Oscar ballots were reportedly mailed yesterday, I have no idea how that's going to work.
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