Like pretty much everyone else on earth, the members of the Screen Actors and Writers Guilds are crazy sick of product placement. Amen, brothers and sisters - amen. They even staged a protest yesterday, outside of a hotel where agents and producers were huddling with advertisers, though no one bothered to invite us regular joes. According to union heads, their complaints hinge on studio-advertiser deals that force writers to create scripts containing pitches for products, and force the poor actors to read said scripts. Oh, and they're also (of course), worried about the public, who might be stupid enough to think that Lorelai Gilmore is not only a real person, but also really loves Starbuck's. Some of which, you know, sounds pretty reasonable on the face of it, right? I mean, reading crappy scripts is bad enough, but when you have to shill for MasterCard, it just gets humiliating.

The only problem with SAG's and WGA's righteous indignation, however, is that not much of what they're whining about has anything to do with them. In fact, the two groups reportedly complain most about the out of control product placement on reality TV, a medium with which they have no involvement whatsoever (assuming, that is, that they don't show up on The Surreal Life). Hmm. So what's the problem again?

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