His spirit perhaps broken (Perhaps, I said. Perhaps.) by the failure of Tideland and the critical scorn heaped upon The Brothers Grimm, Terry Gilliam wisely took note of the fact that it was a western that magically changed Grimm Brother #1, Heath Ledger, from a bland lightweight into an acting deity. It also surely didn't escape the director's keen eye that the screenplay for said western was co-written by one Larry McMurtry. Perhaps seeking a similar salve to his own slightly downtrodden career, Gilliam came up with a tale that just might fit the bill - either that or he just, you know, liked a book. Whatever the reason, his next effort will be an adaptation of Anything For Billy, a McMurtry novel about Billy the Kid. The story is told through the eyes of a newspaperman from Philly who goes west in search of adventure, only to find it in the form of Mr. The Kid. (And no, they don't fall in love. That's a different movie.)

No information is yet available about when Gilliam hopes to get this project off the ground, but we can be pretty sure the result will be fascinating. Even when it's bad, Gilliam's work is never boring, and he's bound to have his own, distinct take on the American west.
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