Disney announced recently that it has fully restored the 1955 animated film Lady and the Tramp for a Feb. 28 DVD release. According to this article, technicians digitally removed 30 million bits of dirt and dust from the frames of the film in preparation for the release. The cleaned-up Tramp (sorry, I couldn't resist) is playing through Valentine's Day in Hollywood at the El Capital Theater, which Disney owns. It was the first animated movie released in CinemaScope widescreen, so I'm betting the film looks pretty smashing on a theater screen.

But all this high-tech restoration talk reminded me of childhood days when we did not have a line of movies on VHS or DVD near the TV, but instead had to settle for listening to abbreviated soundtracks or better yet, long-playing records that told the story of the movie with a few songs interspersed. That's why today's image is a cover from a Little Golden Record—a 45 RPM that contained a couple of songs from Lady and the Tramp. While I feel a tiny bit of nostagia for the kids' movie-based records, I realize how lucky we are today, when we can have whole libraries of movies in our homes.
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