Not many photographers get the chance to break into unit photography on a movie set by working with Steven Spielberg. It happened to Karen Ballard, though; the photagrapher shot 26,000 frames for Spielberg as his unit photographer on the set ofMunich. Ballard, who started working as a freelance photog in 2001, wanted to break into shooting stills on movie sets. When she heard through a friend that Spielberg was looking for a photojournalist to be unit photographer for Munich, she threw her name in the hat. Spielberg liked her photos and hired her, and next thing she knew she was shooting in Malta and trying to avoid screwing things up or bumping into Janusz Kaminski, the Director of Photography for Munich.

Ballard has an amazing chronicle of her experience up on her website. If  you've ever wondered how cool it would be to work on a Spielberg film, Ballard can tell you - it's way cool.

[ via MovieCity Indie ]

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