It's here, Bond fans: the first leak of a full Casino Royale script. Depending on who you talk to, it's either "a fantastic read and quite the origin story" or "written by someone who has little or no understanding of the enduring appeal of the Ian Fleming novels, and no respect for Casino Royale." So there's room here for everyone - whatever your expectations/desires for the movie, you'll be able to make yourself happy. The folks at Latino Review were really impressed by Paul Haggis' revision of the screenplay, particularly the exposition scenes involving the (STILL NOT CAST!) Vesper Lynd. Over at AICN, however, reading the review left Moriarty with a single request for Haggis: "Please stop. Please. I’ll do anything you ask. Just stop." Yikes. Bitter much?

A few, judgment free points from the review itself: as we expected, the story has been updated, and is no longer set during the Cold War. And yes, the carpet-beater scene is included. Is that good news?

As always with a script review, click the link below with caution: major spoilers lurk.

[via Dark Horizons]
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