Sam Raimi'sDarkman is an oddly appealing and unique "hero;" a mentally and physically scarred "mad" scientist who is immune to most forms of pain, thanks to destroyed nerve endings resulting from the same accident which left him scarred and mentally unbalanced. With the aid of synthetic skin and other tricks, Darkman hunts down the criminals who destroyed his lab and left him in his wretched state. The movie enjoys a solid cult-following (although it often garnered mediocre reviews outside of said following), and was followed up by two made-for-video sequels created by a different cast and crew.

Intending to bank on the built-in fanbase and use the unusual nature of the character to appeal to the rest of the industry, Dynamite Entertainment has teamed up with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to create a new Darkman comic title written Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern. The debut storyline is rumored to include another popular Sam Raimi character-although no names have been dropped yet, Ash is of course widely speculated.

I think Darkman is an excellent choice for a new comic book line (am I making things up, or did he have a few brief Marvel special runs at some point?) as he fits the general comic world feel very well. Of course, I count myself as a solid member of the movie's cult following, so my opinion may be slightly biased. At any rate, if I remember to look it up by the time it comes out, I'll certainly give it a try.