We've heard recently that word on the street says that the on again-off again Marvel film project based on the popular Deathlok character has once again been given the green light, this time under the hopefully capable guidance of director Paul McGuigan. The newest update on this news is that Paul, in a recent discussion with iofilm, McGuigan indicated that Deathlok will be the very next film he tackles, and said that he hopes to get to work on it sometime this year. This hopefully settles some of the "will Deathlok continue to be delayed" talk that has been flying around lately. Deathlok will join an ever-growing list of Marvel titles to see the silver screen, but the man-machine cyborg would probably mark the most unusual Marvel character as yet to get his own movie adaptation.

I'm not sure yet which Deathlok persona will be featured in the movie - it was rumored that the last David Self script involved the original Luther Manning Deathlok, but I have no idea if they are still working on that script or even if those rumors were accurate to begin with. Personally, I tend to think of the near-future-alternate-reality Deathlok (Luther Manning, for those of you unfamiliar) is the definitive version of the character- but the Michael Collins pacifist-mind-inserted-into-killing-machine character is interesting as well. Thoughts?

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