Here are today's newest looks at upcoming comic book movies. Surprise, surprise, it includes some new X-Men photos (although amazingly, there are no new Pictures of Steel today).

  • Dark Horizons brings us a solid collection of newX-Menphotos, the most interesting of them being a look at Colossus- although I might be biased, as Piotr has long been a favorite character of mine. Aside from that, there as several shots of X-men standing around the Professor in his wheelchair, a picture of Beast in a suit, and a picture of Wolverine getting some action (not the fighting kind of action).
  • Coming Soon has a trailer of the new Art School Confidential film adaptation from the people who brought us Ghost World.
  • This one is not so much an image as an annoucement of an annoucement of a soon to be coming image. JoBlo is reporting that the first teaser for Spider-Man 3 could be as little as six months away- and attached to Talladega Nights.
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