Have you ever wanted to look like Superman- in both dress and muscle tone- without having to bother with all that tedious eating right and working out (and/or steroid popping, if you're going the MLB route) to get into Man O' Steel shape? Or maybe you are just no good with a needle and thread, and thus can't make yourself a proper Supes costume.  If this is the case, than boy does Mattel have the toy for you!* That's right, the popular toy maker has annouced plans to unveil a new Super costume at Toy Fair 2006 (Feb. 9th-15th) which will suit you up like Clark Kent himself. Just run into the nearest bathroom, closet, or phone booth and don your battery powered Inflato-Suit and you'll find yourself with a new, stunning physique.

Okay, so I was a kid once. Not all that long ago, as a matter of fact. I definately remember dressing up like my favorite hero...although usually that involved homespun costumes that typically consisted of an extra set of red underwear overtop my pants and a blanket inexpertly lashed around my neck for a cape. I presumed rich kids somewhere in their big fancy houses got store bought costumes that their butlers helped them put on, and I was okay with that, because me and my blanket did quite well fighting evil on our own. I mean, when you are imagining you are Superman, how much extra imagination does it take to imagine your blanket is a cape? If I needed muscles in whatever costume I was wearing, I just tucked a small pillow or some other form of padding into my sleeves.** Seriously, battery powered inflatable muscles?

*Or at least for your children. I don't know yet if they are going to make adult sizes, so you may have to live your super hero cosplay dreams vicariously through your spawn.

**I also walked 15 miles to school every day without shoes in blinding snowstorms, and other such hyperbolic familiarities.