Suddenly, it's all very clear.

I signed up for Netflix a few months ago and recently switched to three DVDs at a time rather than just one. I figure with over one hundred movies in my rental queue I'd have to speed things up a little. One movie, The 40 Year Old Virgin, has been in my queue for probably over a month now, and it's due to what some Netflix subscribers call "throttling."

"Throttling," not a word Netflix uses, is the company's policy of giving people who rent fewer DVDs priority on new releases. A revised section of their "terms of use" also states that frequent renters like myself are more apt to experience delays in shipping. 

Most of me doesn't really care about this. They're just movies, and they're movies I get without having to, like, you know, move around too much. Still, the whole allure of Netflix has been the concept that you can receive a buttload of movies each month at a really good price. What wasn't acknowledged until recently is that heavy renters like myself actually cost the company more money because of postage. It's not a perfect world, but in a perfect world I'd be married to Winona Ryder and own a unicorn farm. It's not enough to make me quit Netflix, but people who get into this "online rental thing" need to be made more aware of the caveats that are a part of transactions like these.

[Thanks to Beth for the tip]

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