After years of unsuccessful attempts and turn-aways, comic book writers Landry Walker and Eric Jones have finally obtained the prize they'd long been seeking - the rights to a comic book version of Disney's huge geek title Tron. Originally, the two desired to write a prequel to the story, but that idea was shot down due to conflicts with Disney's concepts of the Tron story. Instead, Walker and Jones will pen the story of Jet Bradley, the son of the lead characters from the film. Jet starts the story a bit techno-gunshy after an accident, but is forced back into the computer realm due to a war between two ideological factions. They also claim that the comic book will put a cap on the entire story, saying "This is a six-story arc, which is kind of the final moment for the movie and the game."

Who among us doesn't love Tron? The only downside I can find to this annoucement is the ever-present fear of "what if they really screw it up?" that huddles at the back of your mind every time somebody decides to "breath new life" into a franchise you love. I'm excited, and willing to give this short arc a chance. Thoughts?

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