As if New Orleans hadn't lost enough landmarks and historical buildings in the last year, the 91-year-old Coliseum Theater building burned down last Friday night. According to Cinema Treasures, the building hadn't been in use as a theater since 1976. Pre-Katrina, the building had been converted to house photography and video production companies. It also was used as a location in the movie Interview with a Vampire: it's the theater where Louis watches Tequila Sunrise. In its glory days, it was a neighborhood theater in the Coliseum Square part of town (located on Coliseum St. where it turns into Camp, if you know the area).

The above photo was taken in 2004 and quite frankly, makes the theater look more stunning and less shabby than it appeared in color. The Coliseum took a beating in the hurricane and lost its lovely facade. The building was undergoing extensive renovation before it caught fire last week, when it finally collapsed. It wasn't the landmark that the big Joy Downtown theater was (and is, although it's closed too) and wasn't a theater I have any personal memories about, but it's sad to see a once-charming neighborhood theater eradicated entirely.

[story via Stomp Tokyo; photo by mark m]
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