There are several noteworthy items in the world of comic book moviedom today, but none of them are quite full enough to warrant their own posts and so I've packaged them together neatly for you in the following list.  Enjoy!

  • Constantin has secured the rights to the latest title in the popular French comic book Asterix. The current issue is named "Asterix at the Olympic Games."
  • The newest rumors today report that the Aquaman film/TV pilot will be titled "Mercy Reef." This runs contrary to earlier reports of "Tempest Key."
  • Tokyo's Nikkatsu Studio began shooting it's manga adaptation Death Note at the beginning of this month.
  • David Hayter says that while he's got alot on his plate right now, he's most excited for the script for Watchmen , which will indeed move into production sometime this year.
  • Some of the X-Cast, including Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry, will be returning to Vancouver this week for reshoots.

[via CBR]


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