Done the Impossible, a documentary featuring the "browncoat" revolution that brought the cancelled Firefly series back from the grave and onto the silver screen, debuted this weekend at the San Francisco Wonder Con. The doc was hosted by Adam Baldwin, and featured interviews with many of the most important figures from the Firefly world, including creator Joss Whedon, several of the actors, and even some of the browncoat fans.

It tells the story of the fan revolution which occured when Fox cancelled the series after only one season. Disappointed fans hit the net, discovered that they were not alone, and united under the "browncoat" name to petition the powers that be for a second chance for their beloved series. The efforts of the browncoats greatly impressed Whedon and his crew, and it stands as a tremendous example of fan loyalty and dedication. Whedon was so impressed that he cast as many browncoat fans as he could to fill the extra roles in Senerity, the Firefly movie. Questions about a second season arose in an after-the-show Q and A, but they were left unanswered.

Whedon and his fans share a relationship that most can only dream of. They exercise tremendous (near rabid) dedication for the man's work, and he rewards them by providing as much quality entertainment as one man can produce. I think it's great that the Serenity movie came about, even if I'm not a huge personal fan of the franchise - and I hope that Whedon is able to return to the story later, should he ever desire. The documentary will be realeased on DVD - you can preorder a copy at for now. According to the site, the DVD will include more special features than the Firefly and Serenity DVDs combined.

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