Timur Bekmambetov, the man behind the Russian vampire fantasy flick Night Watch, is already prepared to keep the ball rolling. Night Watch - which calls itself the first fantasy-horror film to be filmed completely in Russia, broke nearly every box office record - including those set by Hollywood imports. Unable to access huge special effects giants while staying in-country, Bekmambetov instead put together an impressive combination of small effects houses and graphics teams to cobble together a downright impressive film. Shot back to back with a sequel- Day Watch - Night Watch is intended to ultimately be a trilogy, and Bekmambetov has recently suggested that the third chapter in his franchise will most likely be shot here in the States with a different cast of actors. Bekmambetov acknowledges that it will be a challenge, saying  "I am not sure how I will direct in English," Bekmambetov said. "I feel like I am an Other when I am here."

I hear nothing but good things about this director and his franchise-although I have yet to experience Night Watch for myself. I'm certainly excited for him to have the opportunity to shoot in America attached to a major film company- but I'm sure his country is sad for the loss. At least they can take pride, however, in the (hopeful) future success of their son.

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