Brian Epstein managed The Beatles from early 1962 until his death by drug overdose in 1967 at the age of 32. Because of both his early death and his sexuality (he was gay), Epstein has long been a subject of fascination and curiosity for not only Beatles fans, but also anyone who learns about the details of his life. Christopher Münch's 1991 film The Hours and Times examined Epstein's relationship with John Lennon (Ian Hart, three years before he played the same role in Backbeat) through a shared - and fictional - Spanish holiday, and now, 15 years later, Epstein will reportedly be the subject of another feature.

According to various reports in the British media, the untitled film will be a "quirky, hallucinogenic biopic," and is expected to be ready for a Liverpool debut in 2008, in time for the city's run as Europe's Capital of Culture. The screenplay is being written by a young Broadway/music biz veteran named Vivek Tiwary, who claims to be "working closely with the manager’s business partner Nat Weiss and assistant Joanne Peterson," and has received the blessings of Epstein's family. Additionally, Jude Law, who told a Liverpool paper two years ago that he was interested in playing Epstein, is "lined up" to star in the film.

All of this is so vague at this point that the whole thing could easily fall apart without anyone even really noticing. But if Law really is involved and cares about the project, that'll certainly help. Plus, "quirky, hallucinogenic biopic" in the music world sounds vaguely Velvet Goldmine. Hey, that can't possibly be bad.

[via Queerty]
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