As Karina reported last week, the Dreamworks/Paramount hookup has resulted in lots and lots of firings, the majority of them in Paramount's distribution department. Though it was originally thought that roughly 240 pink slips would be evenly distributed between the two companies, the over 100 Paramount employees who were shown the door yesterday must be wondering what happened to that even distribution idea. Of the 129 people formerly employed by Paramount's domestic distribution department, 109 are now jobless, including, according to Variety, "almost all [of the] senior exec[utives]." In addition, the company's Dallas sales office was shut down, leaving Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto as its remaining distribution centers.

After the dust clears, Dreamworks and Paramount will have only about 50 employees left in a streamlined joint distribution department; that new department will be intentionally free of virtually everyone from Paramount's "old guard."
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