Even without knowing anything about the movie's credits, the fact that the main character in Talladega Nights is named "Ricky Bobby" should be enough to let anyone know that the movie was written by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. You see, the undeniable key to the brilliance of the previous collaboration, Anchorman, was the fact that the man's name was "Ron Burgundy" - the movie seriously would have been at least 25% less funny with a different name. And "Ricky Bobby"? Equally perfect.

The new trailer for the movie, while perhaps less promising than the inspired character name, is nonetheless pretty funny. Ferrell's performance is pitch-perfect, a great combination of attitude and innocence, all thrown together with a nicely vague southern accent. Plus, there's the by-now-required scene of Ferrell running around in underwear screaming, so that base has been effectively covered. Though there are definitely moments of outright stupidity, the stupidity of Anchorman was so well set-off by its demented cleverness, I'm holding out hope that McKay will be able to work his magic a second time with Talladega Nights (which comes out in early August).

[via AICN]