If ever a film needed a group hug, it's Chen Kaige's The Promise. The film - China's biggest budget film ever - has really been through the wringer over the past several months. Way back at Cannes last year, the Weinsteins acquired the film.  The poor film was hijacked by pirates, who sold it pay-per-view on a remote television station. Since then it's been re-edited, renamed, and released in a longer version (for the Oscars) and a shorter version (for the Golden Globes), and then subsequently freed up by the Weinsteins, who had a disagreement with Kaige and producer  Etchie Stroh over their handling and distribution plan for the film. Now, at long last, acoording to indieWIRE, the film has found a new home at Warner Independent Pictures, so it can relax, take a hot bath and a nap, and warm its feet up by the cozy fire of better (hopefully more expansive) distribution.

The film which took nearly three years to shoot, has demolished box office records in China. If you can't wait to see the full version, you can watch the smashing 11 minute trailer.

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