As if we needed more evidence that the entire nation has gone insane, Steve Martin's critically-derided The Pink Panther remake opened this weekend at the top of the box office rankings, beating out Final Destination 3's $20 million by about $1.5 million. (Ok, confession time: did you go see Pink Panther? Could you explain why? Please?) Final Destination did, however, open on many fewer screens that Martin's film, and it actually made almost $1000 more/screen than the comedy. Filling out the top four were the weekend's other two debuts: Curious George, which took in $15.3 million, and old man Ford's latest action flick, Firewall, which made just under $14 million.

The fifth spot was held down by When a Stranger Calls, which was down over 50% from its opening weekend but still managed to earn about $10 million. Landing in the sixth and seventh spots, meanwhile, were two films in their third week of release, both of which lost about 50% from last weekend's returns: the inexplicable Big Momma's House 2 made slightly less than $7 million, while Emma Thompson's Nanny McPhee took in $5.2 million. Filling out the top 10 were a pair of films well into their third month of release (Brokeback Mountain, Hoodwinked), and the rapidly-fading Underworld: Evolution. Complete numbers are after the jump.