Korean-American Grace Lee, who last brought us the documentary The Grace Lee Project, in which she examined the lives of a bunch of Asian-American women also named Grace Lee, is set to helm her next film - American Zombie, about the "daily lives of a small community of the living deceased who live in Los Angeles". No, I'm not making that up. Seriously, though, depending on how it's done, this might turn out to be an interesting film.

It's being produced by Lee In-Ah, who is no slouch, having previously produced Wim Wender's Don't Come Knocking  (which just played at Sundance) and Land of Plenty.  The film will shoot in Hollywood starting in April, and the deal is so new there's not even anything up on IMDB about it yet, but don't worry - we'll let you know as soon as we know more about this project. Zombies living their daily lives in Los Angeles - I wonder if they'll face the question other busy Hollywood families face: should we eat in or dine out? And will Michael Jackson come of out hiding in the Persian Gulf long enough to sing a snappy zombie theme song?

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