Seventy-five years ago today the film version of Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Bela Lugosi debuted. While my estimation puts the number of Dracula movies made since then at about roughly twenty-seven gajillion, Lugosi's portrayal of the blood-sucking vampire still remains the most recognized. The role brought the Hungarian-born Lugosi much success, and he appeared in several other horror films including The Black Cat (both the 1934 and 1941 versions) and The Wolf Man. Ultimately, his new found fame led to typecasting, and eventually obscurity appearing in a handful of Ed Wood's films. In the quarter of a century that has passed since then, and perhaps thanks to Martin Landau's compassionate portrayal of the actor in Tim Burton's Ed Wood, people today have a more accurate perception of the actor and his contribution to the world of cinema. So yeah, the title reads "Happy Birthday, Dracula," but I'm raising a glass of Type A negative to the great Lugosi, as well. Cheers. 
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