You've got to love some of the high concept pitches that come out of Hollywood these days. Today it was announced that Dreamworks Pictures has picked up a pitch by Steve Koren called 1000 Words. The idea behind it is that a man discovers he only has 1000 words left before he dies. How or why that's even possible we're not sure of, but I do know if I were ever in that situation, I'd probably waste all 1000 words cursing my predicament.

Koren is no stranger to high concept magic; he also wrote the "What would it be like to be God?" blockbuster, Bruce Almighty, as well as the upcoming Adam Sandler "What would it be like to have a remote control for your life?" comedy, Click. While Nicolas Cage is producing through his Saturn Films, there's no word on whether or not the actor will star. However, I'd look for a big comedic name to attach themselves to this one real soon.

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