Amp'd Mobile customers who also happen to be movie fans are very stoked right now, because Warner Independent Pictures have announced that they will debut the trailer for A Scanner Darkly exclusive to them (all 12 Amp'd users). Actually, they already have - visit the Amp'd website, and you can even click on the trailer link - the fun ends, however, when you have to send the content to your phone to see it. Doh! In addition, WIP plan to create new, promotional material exclusively for Amp'd customers which, again, will be viewable only on their handsets.

Obviously, this a creative way to advertise a very tech-friendly movie - but I wonder, who's paying whom? Instinctively, you'd think that WIP was paying Amp'd because they're the ones whose product is being promoted. But isn't Amp'd getting a huge push out of this, too? I know about the company from a few TV ads, but I've certainly never thought about switching providers. If they keep getting this kind of exclusive content, however, it certainly will make people sit up and take notice.

And to that one reader who actually uses Amp'd: please do tell us about the trailer.