Israel and US Jewish groups are protesting Best Foreign Film nominee Paradise Now being listed as a film from "Palestine", and are lobbying the organizers of the awards extravaganza to change the film's tag to "Palestinian Authority", according to anonymous Israeli diplomat who spoke to Reuters. Their beef with the designation stems from the implication that Palestine as such is a recognized nation; at the moment, Palestinians have limited self-rule under the label "Palestinian Authority". The film, which is about two friends from West Gaza recruited to become suicide bombers, has been largely rejected in Israel because of what many there view as a sympathetic portrayal of suicide bombers. The film has found better reception with Palestinian audiences. The Academy has not yet spoken on what, if anything, they intend to do in response to the protest; it's kind of a no-win situation for them. The last thing Oscar wants on the biggest night of self-congratulatory flatulence of the year is to have to deal with anything remotely resembling real-life, emotionally charged conflicts.

You, dear readers, on the other hand, actually do occasionally comment on real-life issues. So let's see what you think - should the Academy change the designation of Paradise Now to the technically correct "Palestinian Authority"? Or is it more fitting that the film be designated as a film from Palestine?

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