Rarely does a day go by without a new "comic property bought up by film company" announcement - and today is no exception. This time, it is old Wizard Entertainment-owned Black Bull Comics getting in on the action, with their early 2000's property Just a Pilgrim. Pilgrim is part of a slate of films being developed by QED, a production company formed by Artisan founder Bill Block and a few partners. Just a Pilgrim ran in two short mini-series productions, with a 5 issue limited run in 2001 and a 4 issue sequel in 2002. The film will be written and directed by John Heffernan, the Snakes on a Planeguy.

You know, Just a Pilgrim may be nothing more than your run of the mill post apocalypse story; it is set in the aftermath of an earth turned to vast sandy wastelands by a dying sun and features a mostly western-esque theme with a good dose of land pirates mixed in...but I rather enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming it was amazing or anything - just an unexpectedly fun read. The title character is fantastic, and his back story is clever and largely unexpected, if a bit morbid. The action is solid, the characters are appealing, and the story is short and self-contained enough that it controls the pace of tense narration very well without resorting to tireless cliffhanger endings to keep the reader coming back fifty issues later. The only drawback of the book, for me, was that I wasn't particularly entralled with Carlos Ezquerra's art. Still not sure if I expect it to translate into a good movie, however. Thoughts?

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