While there's nothing particularly unusual about the fact that director Michael Winterbottom's new documentary will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival tomorrow, just prior to its March 9 appearance on Channel 4 in England, its subsequent debut the following day on DVD, the internet, and in cinemas across England is still fairly revolutionary. Though Winterbottom and his producer Andrew Eaton didn't originally anticipate the Bubble-style multi-pronged approach, the fact that the film's first TV appearance came so soon after its theatrical premiere motived the two to give simultaneous release a shot. In fact, Eaton even spoke with Steven Soderbergh in search of advice on how best to approach the process.

Winterbottom's own personal Bubble is called The Road to Guantánamo, and it examines the cases of "the Tipton Three - three British Asians who were captured in Afghanistan and whisked away to Camp X-Ray for two years before being released without charge." In an effort to build an audience, the film's theatrical run will be focused heavily on the areas of England from which the Three hail. Hell, why not? It can't possibly do worse than Bubble did.

[via Movie City Indie]
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