Given how absurdly delicately Heath Ledger has tiptoed around the whole gay thing while doing publicity for Brokeback Mountain, I'm telling you right now that he's not going to turn around and agree to follow up that role by playing Hollywood's most famously closeted dead movie star. That said, however, that's the latest rumor from the land of Oz and, since we're legally obligated to share these things, here are the details: according to AICN's Aussie correspondent, Ledger is being mentioned as the star of a movie about the relationship between Rock Hudson and his secretary, Phyllis Gates. (Since you're not allowed to be gay in Hollywood, Hudson was briefly married to Gates very early in his career, and the poor woman claimed she had no idea that her hubby wasn't into girls.)

It's unclear from the report if the movie is definitely being made (with or without Ledger), or if its mere existence is part of the rumor are well. Depending on who was making it, a movie about Hudson's early career could be great - but, issues of sexual orientation notwithstanding, isn't Ledger way, way to slight to play him? I think of Hudson as a very solid guy; Ledger just looks tiny most of the time.
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