It's come to this, then: Sundance founder Robert Redford is so put off by what his creation has become that he can hardly stand to attend the damn thing. Though he did show up for the festival's opening night, Redford apparently took off shortly thereafter, possibly in an effort to avoid the plague of "starlets." Talking to the AP yesterday, the actor could barely contain his disgust, telling reporters that Sundance is now seen as "a big fat market where you have people like Paris Hilton going to parties." Paris? Really? Why, whatever was she doing there (apart, that is, from posing and trying to score free stuff)? Redford sure as hell doesn't know. "She doesn't have anything to do with anything. I think the festival is close to being out of control."

How great is it that the presence of Paris Hilton was the final straw for Redford? It's fun to imagine him walking down the street peacefully, only to see her and run screaming in the other direction. The next day, he was on a flight out of town.