According to the coroner's report, Chris Penn died from a combination of an enlarged heart and a deadly mix of multiple medications. Though they're calling it an accident, even with the release of this report, there are still a ton of questions unanswered. Did Penn intentionally overdose on his medication or was he just being careless with his health, not realizing it would lead to his demise?

The coroner's office lists the primary cause of death as "nonspecific cardiomyopathy" which, in non-doctor terms, means he had an enlarged heart which was under the influence of a ton of medications  including promethazine with codeine. Yet, with a heart weighing a few hundred grams more than average, Penn's assortment of meds did not include any sort of remedy for that problem. Promethazine prevents vomiting, while codeine kills pain - so why the hell was he taking that if the real issue was his heart? Perhaps we'll be provided with a clearer explanation when the full coroner's report is released in a few weeks.

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