We reported a while back about the planned remake of Logan's Run, the best movie ever made about a world where no one is allowed to live beyond the age of 30. The film was expected to feature a reunion of The Usual Suspects team director Bryan Singer and writer Christopher McQuarrie, but Singer's work on Superman Returns sort of took the attention away from the Logan's Run conversation. During a WonderCon panel over the weekend, however, Singer talked about the remake, and confirmed that it is, in fact, in the works. He and McQuarrie are finishing the screenplay, but it sounds as if there's a lot of work left to do - Singer tentatively suggested that the movie would be ready in 2008.

Without offering many details about the film's plot or look, the director indicated his work won't be a straight remake. Instead, it will combine elements from the book and the 1976 film, as well as Singer's "own concepts." In addition, he told listeners that his Logan's Run would "[take] place in a unique environment, one we haven't seen in...a mainstream movie before," whatever that means.

So, depending on your perspective on this remake, this news is either reassuring or devastating. Personally, I can't decide - I adore the movie as it stands, and was initially horrified at the thought of anyone trying to make it again. But Singer and McQuarrie made a pretty fun flick the last time they worked together, and I suppose there's hope that they could bring the right attitude to Logan's Run, as well. Of course, we've got two years to mull it over, there's really no need to decide right now how good/bad it's going to be.
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