Continuing in his trend of appearing in modern Marvel films, Stan Lee has acknowledged that he will be seen in a brief cameo role in the upcoming installment of the Spider-Man film franchise. Lee, of course, is one of the main men behind the creation of Marvel comics - of course, if you don't know that, then I'm not even sure why you are reading this article. Stan is quite the busy man these days, what with his upcoming Who Wants to be a Superhero project, but True Believers can rest assured in knowing that his persona will grace both of the major Marvel sequels currently in production.

I think it is fun that Stan continues to pop up in these movies. Regardless of the man's relationship with Marvel these days (and I'm not sure anyone really knows exactly where that stands), Stan Lee is a living legend in the industry; and without him we would not have many of the most beloved super heroes of the past several decades.

In another small Spider-side note, you can dig the filming locations of the new film here, if you are interested in that sort of thing.

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