David Carr, aka The Carpetbagger, has this great show where he takes it to the streets, polling real people about their opinions on important subjects, like, for instance, the Oscars. If you generally think of New Yorkers as surly and unfriendly, just try taking a videocamera to Times Square and asking people their opinion - all of a sudden people who probably wouldn't turn off their permanently installed iPods long enough to say "howdy" on the subway become downright chatty. I especially love the ones who try to sound like Roger Ebert.

Anyhow, in the latest segment of The Carpetbagger, Carr, armed with his trusty prop (a posterboard with the nominee's photos gluesticked to it) finds it's all about Heath Ledger and Philip Seymour Hoffman - the rest of the nominees might as well stay home, trim their nosehair, and take a nice, long bubblebath. As an added bonus, see Carr get excited to meet The Carpetbagger's first official fan!