Wilmer Valderrama who, with the merciful ending of That '70s Show is going movie crazy, has added yet another feature to his already full slate. This time, he's agreed with Warner Brothers to star in Unaccompanied Minors, a comedy set in a fictional airport. In the movie, a group of middle school students from broken homes find themselves stranded at the airport, and take the opportunity to "create a makeshift holiday." Hmm. Does anyone else see a problem here? The report says that Valderrama is going to star, but the thought of having the guy who is going to play Ponch pretend to be in middle school is more than a little laughable. So far, his costars are Brett Kelly (he's 13) and Tyler James Williams the star of Everybody Hates Chris who, quite reasonably, is also 13. Valderrama? 26.

At the moment, we're just going to have to fervently hope that the movie's "star" turns out to be an adult, for some reason. If it's not, all actors under 20 need to write nasty letters to the casting people at Warner's, because I'm sure at least one of them could match Valderrama's acting *cough* chops. Oh God, wait - do you think  Valderrama's character has been held back 13 times, or something? Is that really funny or really dumb? It's so hard to decide.
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