In addition to the two new movies about which we've already heard  - The Lady from Shanghai (thankfully not a remake) and his Katrina-except-in-NYC flick - Wong Kar Wai is reportedly working on a third film called Blueberry Nights. Like both Lady and the Katrina film, it will be shot in New York, and is expected to be Wong's first English-language project. The film is set to star Norah Jones, and Rachel Weisz, too, might be involved - she's told the press that she is going to appear in Wong's "next film," but it's unclear which project she's talking about (or, indeed, if she even knows). The movie will be based (at least right now - who knows what will happen once Wong starts filming) on a short in which "a shopkeeper falls for a mysterious female client who eats blueberry pies."

Call me crazy, but that sounds awesome - after all, half of Chungking Express revolves around a guy eating canned pineapple, and that movie is practically perfect. Blueberry Nights has a budget of about $10 million and is expected to start shooting in New York sometimes before The Lady from Shanghai, which was recently pushed back, goes into production in 2007.
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