Despite the fact that no one really liked White Noise, it appears to have made enough money to convince at least one production company that the world was crying out for a sequel. Desperately Creatively trying to draw on some built-in audience, that company - Brightlight Pictures - has cleverly hired the stars of two TV series with utterly obsessive fans to headline their movie: Firefly's Nathan Fillion will star alongside geek lust object Katee Sackhoff, AKA Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica.

In the movie, Fillion will play a man whose family is murdered while he (barely) survives. The near-death experience, as it tends to do in movies, gives him the power to tell who is going to die, but when he tries to help people avoid death, he "discovers there is a price to [be] paid for interfering with the natural order." You don't say - has this guy not seen any of the Final Destinations? Sackhoff, meanwhile, will play a nurse who conveniently appears on the scene after Fillion's wife dies. Patrick Lussier, an editor whose only directing work for the big screen was the unloved Dracula 2000, will direct from a script by the totally untested Matt Venne. So, a sequel to a blah movie, with no one - not even the money-grubbing studio - returning from the previous installment? Boy, that sounds promising.
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