In order to cash (pun intended) in on the film's Oscar buzz, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced they will release Walk the Line on DVD this February 28th. Not only that, but there will be three different discs to choose from. Line will join a small list of major Oscar nominated films (Crash and Hustle and Flow to name two) actually available at the video store come awards time...and that makes me plenty happy because I have not seen it yet and am way too lazy to drag my ass out in the snow right about now.

Consumers (that's you!) will have a choice between a single-disc widescreen edition, a single-disc full-screen edition and, for those of you really into Johnny,  a two-disk special edition featuring three extended musical sequences, three featurettes and collectible postcards. Don't fret cheapos, both single-discs will also include a full-length commentary by director James Mangold and 10 deleted scenes. Though it was snubbed for Best Picture, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (both Golden Globe winners) are up for the Best Actor and Actress award. You can catch the awards on ABC this March 5th.