Because Fox doesn't get any of the money that Napoleon Dynamite lovers spend on countless knockoff t-shirts (27 freaking pages of which are available at Cafe Press), they've decided to take revenge on the consumer: meet the two-disc Napoleon Dynamite: Like the Best Special Edition Ever!. You're hooked already, aren't you? Eeeeeexcellent. Fox is chortling like Mr. Burns at your glee.

Actually, this SE has a ton of new stuff - it's not the ripoff, the barebones version that everyone already bought is. Among the features on the two discs of joy are outtakes and deleted scenes (four of which - running fewer than 10 minutes total - include commentary by director Jared Hess, Jon Heder, and producer Jeremy Coon), an MTV-heavy assortment of TV spots, and a new documentary. As an added bonus, the set doesn't go on sale until May 16, so you've got lots of time to a) save your change, and b) sell your single-disc version to that friend who keeps borrowing it and doesn't know an SE is on the way.